This page will provide documents and links to information about legislation and budget issues related to Georgia Media Centers.

1. Perdue Proposes Lifting Expenditure Controls for Media Center funding through July, 2010. The Governor has drafted (and/or sent) a letter to Superintendents that says "In January 2009, I will introduce as part of my legislative package temporary waivers of the expenditure controls found in OCGA 20-2-167 (site-based direct instruction, media center, and staff development controls). The legislation would make the waivers effective July 1, 2008 and would continue in force until June 30, 2010." A copy of the letter is attached. What should we/GLMA be doing about this?

We are waiting for the education committees to be formed at the state capitol. This should happen this coming week, January 12-16. If not, it may be the following week in January. Once we know who will be serving on the House and Senate Education Appropriations subcommittees, we will begin the process of making contacts with our representatives and senators to explain the importance of expenditure controls. It will be important to tell our library stories with examples from around the state.

Update 1/23/09

We now know who will be on the House and Senate education committees.

What has happened to the GA Media Listserv?
I am having trouble sending out messges over the Georgia Media listserv to get our message out to media specialists in the state. So far, I have only been able to get one message out about Library Day on Feb. 26 at the Georgia State Capitol. My other messages have not successfully made it to the listserv. This is a critical time for getting messages out to LMS in the state.

A tempory waiver of expenditure controls over media funds could turn into permanent legislation.
GLMA would like to put together a handout for the House and Senate Appropriations Education Subcommittee members to understand the importance of expenditure controls.
Please send your library stories concerning your funding problems to GLMA or me. We know that some of you are not getting your full funding from the state now . Our lobbyists would like to put together a document illustrating our funding problems using your library budget stories. (Your name and school will not be listed in the handout - only your RESA district or city.) Please include where your school in located in the state. We want stories from all areas of Georgia.


Please look at the following listing of House and Senate Appropriations Education Subcommittee members. If you live in their district, PLEASE email them and let them know that you are their constituent and oppose any legislation that would waive expenditure controls for school libraries. Provide a brief, but polite email giving an example of why library funding is important to your students (tell your library story).

The House Appropriations Education Subcommittee members are as follows:
Rep. Edward Lindsey (R), Chair - Atlanta;
Rep. Terry England (R), Secretary - Auburn;
Rep. Amos Amerson (R) - Dahlonega;
Rep. Amy Carter (D) - Valdosta;
Rep. David Casas (R) - Lilburn;
Rep. Mike Keown (R) - Coolidge;
Rep. Jan Jones (R) - Alpharetta;
Rep. Howard Maxwell (R) - Dallas;
Rep. Jay Neal (R) - LaFayette; P 404.656.0152
Rep. DuBose Porter (D) - Dublin; P 404.656.5058; F 404-656-0114

The Senate Appropriations Education Subcommittee members are as follows:
Sen. Dan Moody (R), Chair - Alpharetta;
Sen. Horacena Tate (D), Vice Chair - Atlanta;
Sen. John Bulloch (R) - Ochlocknee;
Sen. Jack Murphy (R) - Cumming;
Sen. Tommie Williams (R), Senate President Pro Tempore - Lyons;