The purpose of this page is to provide guidelines and conventions for this wiki. For help with issues not addressed here, see the Wikispaces Help Section.

Navigating and Locating Information

There are three ways to find information in the wiki:
  1. Type a keyword in the search box in the left-hand column of the page.
  2. Browse the list of pages. (See the link in the left column.)
  3. Click on a word in the tag cloud in the left column.

Contributing to the Wiki

The Georgia Library Media Wiki is a place for Georgia's library media professionals to collaboratively create a master collection of best practices, resources, ideas, and information. Please make the wiki better by contributing your stuff! Don't underestimate how much expertise you have and how valuable your ideas and resources are to others around the state. You can save others the trouble of "re-inventing the wheel" by posting your best "wheels" to the wiki. Your contributions don't have to be perfect to be useful to others, and I assure you that the materials you have are better than you think. (If you're convinced you don't have anything worth sharing, you can still help improve the wiki by correcting typos, checking links, and adding organizational structure to the pages that are already here!)


Topics could be anything related to school library media: lesson ideas, teaching resources, planning forms, advocacy tools, product reviews, library humor, tech tips, whatever! I just ask that you keep it legal (i.e., obey copyright), keep it professional (i.e., mind your manners), and keep it non-commercial (i.e., don't promote any products or services that benefit you financially).

Editing/Modifying Wiki Pages

The following guidelines will help create a useful, well organized wiki pages with a consistent look.


Begin each page with an introduction that states the purpose or describes the contents of the page.

Section Headings

As needed, divide the page into sections. Give each section a heading, and use the formatting toolbar to change the text style of the heading. top-level headings should be changed to "Heading 1".

Optional Fields

You can add optional information to help document the page:

Notes: "a note about this edit..."

When you edit another page, use this field to make a note about why you made the change.

Tags: "tags for this page..."

Think of this as adding subject headings for the page. Please add tags for any topics that apply, because this improves the tag cloud and makes the pages easier to find.

Adding New Pages

Before adding a new page, be sure to search the wiki to make sure another page on that topic does not exist. If it does, insert your info into that page and add subheadings or other organization as needed. However, if a page has become too crowded, add section headings and insert a table of contents at the beginning (see the Wikispaces widgets).

Creating a New Page

  1. Search the wiki to make sure a page does not already exist on your topic. ()
  2. Read the section below on naming pages and decide what your page title will be.
  3. Click on the "New Page" link at left and follow the instructions.

Naming Pages

  • Use a title that describes the topic; be clear, not cute or clever.
  • Most special characters are not allowed in the page titles.
  • Unfortunately, Wikispaces only allows wiki organizers to rename pages. If a page needs to be renamed,


  • Be professional.
  • Do your best to use standard grammar and correct spelling.
  • Third person or second person point of view is preferred.